domingo, 11 de marzo de 2018

Advanced naval capabilities headline Leonardo’s attendance at Qatar’s leading maritime exhibition 

-Having delivered advanced systems to 50 Navies including on 140 different operational platforms, Leonardo is the partner of choice in the maritime surveillance and security  domain

-As one of the largest manufacturers of small-calibre naval guns,  with more than 850 systems in service with  30 Navies worldwide,  Leonardo is expanding its portfolio with the  new  Marlin 40, which will be introduced at DIMDEX

-The Company’s strong  presence in the helicopter market includes the bestselling AW139 for military,  public service and offshore operations and the  AW189, supporting the oil and gas industry. The multirole NH90 will  be on display  at the show 

Doha, 11 March 2018  - At the 10th edition of  DIMDEX (Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition & Conference)  from the 12th  to the 14th  March, Leonardo will be demonstrating its state-of-the-art capabilities in defence, security and  aerospace, showcasing a  number  of key  products  and systems that could  help secure Qatar and the surrounding region. This includes the protection of civil infrastructure such as airports, ports, sports stadia and oil and  gas platforms. Leonardo’s focus will be  on its range of naval capabilities, ranging from turn-key combat management systems for maritime surveillance and security, for all classes of military vessels, to  naval guns, ammunition  and underwater systems. Notably, the new Marlin 40mm  small calibre  naval gun, which provides a superior  level of performance in the most challenging environments, will make its first ever appearance  at the show.

At DIMDEX, Leonardo will be building on  a solid foundation of over 20 years of partnership with Qatar,  which began with the company providing Doha Airport with its air traffic control radars, control centre  and main systems. Leonardo also  has a  significant presence in  Qatar in the  helicopters domain: to-date  21 latestgeneration  AW139s have been ordered for military and public service applications while, in the  commercial market, service-provider  Gulf Helicopters operates  a fleet of AW139s and AW189s  for offshore transport missions. In  addition, Leonardo is strongly  positioned in the Gulf’s commercial and military helicopter markets and sees significant opportunities for  various helicopter types, including  the NH90 multi-role military helicopter which is on show in  Doha.  Another significant  project that  has recently strengthened the Company’s relations with Qatar  is the low level air surveillance and defence system provided to safeguard the Country’s airspace, with  potential further deals to follow.

During the  show, the ‘ITS Carlo Margottini’ European Multi-Mission Frigate  (FREMM), which is currently involved in a campaign in the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Gulf to reinforce local  cooperation, will dock at  Hamad port. Equipped with systems  designed, produced and  integrated  by Leonardo,  Margottini is the third  of the ten FREMM-class ships which currently form the backbone of  the  Italian Navy. The frigate also has the NH90  NFH multi-role helicopter on-board,  with avionics and mission  equipment for naval operations produced by Leonardo.

Leonardo’s avionics on  display at DIMDEX will include advanced ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance) capabilities and  products including readily-exportable E-scan  airborne radars, a Directed Infra-Red Counter-Measure  (DIRCM)  and Identification Friend  or Foe (IFF) equipment. Of note is Leonardo’s significant contribution to  both the airframe and the  avionics of  the Eurofighter Typhoon,  24 of which were ordered  by Qatar at  the end of 2017. 

DIMDEX is  also an important showcase  for MBDA  - the missile consortium  comprising  Leonardo,  Airbus and BAE Systems - that has  worked with Qatar for  a number of  years and is currently supplying a new coastal defence system for the  Qatari Emiri  Naval Forces as well as  missiles for the new vessels procured by  the Country.